• What should I do if I wish to help at any of the events?

    Contact Susan Harte at susan@amagazine.com.au or Tine Lerner at Bettinalerner@aol.com

  • Am I allowed to use the garden for a party?

    Parties are allowed for children only but there are regulations about this. Click here for details

  • What are the rules related to the games court at the Ladbroke Grove end of the garden?

    Click here for details

  • Am I allowed to do my own planting outside my house in the communal garden?

    This is at the committee’s discretion and nothing may be done in the garden without prior permission from the committee –

  • Can I donate plants/shrubs to the garden?

    Please contact Rosie Kindersley at ericrose@lwcdial.net

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    • What rules are there with respect to dogs?

      Dogs are allowed in the garden but only when accompanied by a person. If there is a breech of this rule, your dog will only be allowed in the garden on a lead. You must pick up after your dog and dog litter bins are provided around the garden. More info

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